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Selfie Time

Now here is a Selfie I approve of

360 degrees Selfie

360 degrees selfie

Javkhlan and Jimmy

This song by Javkhlan was playing on loop everywhere (and by that I mean 'everywhere') in Mongolia in 2004:

Javkhlan: Kholgui Tsenkher Nuur

Javkhlan: Kholgui Tsenkher Nuur

PS: Whenever I told anyone in Mongolia that I was from India, they would start singing Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja

Why Travel Makes You Love the World

Some great truths in there:
-       - during travel reality exceeds expectations
-       - I was reminded yet again how the world graces us with inexhaustible wonder
-       - there's nothing grander than feeling tiny
-       - travel is the cure for thinking you know or have seen it all

-       - I fell in love with our shrinking planet all over again.

50 Reasons To Love The World

50 Reasons To Love The World

Why We Should Travel? (Reason No. 32,342,343)

Iran, yet again (Apr'15)

My third visit to Iran and every day brought atleast one magical mesmeresing moment that touches you deep within. Sometimes there were two or more. Some of these, in no particular order, stood out:

- Sunset at the Hafez tomb in Shiraz - it was sublime watching the Iranians walk reverently towards his tomb, touching it gently, reciting some of his poetry (which all of them know very well), and then opening a page at random from his 'Divan' to connect with him. Few countries in the world can take pride in the fact that their national icon is a poet and not a warrior or a politician...

- At Persepolis when about 50-60 giggling little schoolgirls passed us by and spread immediate and infectious joy to all those around with their blushing smiles and confident "hellos". There is so much overlooked beauty and joy in the world...

- While we were being overwhelmed by man-made beauty at every step here in Iran, nature reminded us, in a fleeting sublime moment, that it is the one that has the final word in the creation of beauty and poetry. Near the town of Mesr, surrounded by sand dunes deep in the heart of the desert, we were treated to the silent magical poem of sunset and moonrise at the exact same moment in opposite directions of the sky... and obviously the Moon was full...